FN Mod. 1903. Swedish designation m/07 meaning Model of 1907 being the year the pistol was accepted by the Swedish military. 10.000 ordered. Unit mark 19th Infantry regiment pistol Nr.10. Cal. 9x20SR.

Husqvarna Mod.1907. As sweden could not acquire pistols during World war I the decision was made to produce there own pistols. First production was in 1917 .Unit mark 8th Infantry regiment pistol Nr.230. Cal. 9x20SR. 

Husqvarna Mod.1907. Later production pistol. .Unit mark 4th Airforce unit pistol Nr.194. Cal. 9x20SR. 

Husqvarna Mod.1907.Unit mark 6th Cavalry unit pistol Nr.197. Cal. 9x20SR. 

Husqvarna Mod.1907.Unit mark T mark unknown unit pistol Nr.2246. Cal. 9x20SR.