Sauer & Sohn Mod.24 W.T.M. (Westentaschen-Modell ) Around 8300 pcs produced. This one Austrian accepted in 1927. Cal. 6.35x15SR.

Sauer 38H. First Variation. Civilian.

Cal. 7.65x17HR.

Sauer 38H. Second Police Variation. Subvariation.            Cal. 7.65x17HR.

Sauer 38H. Third Military Variation later used by the VOPO.

Cal.7.65x17 HR.

Sauer 38H. Fourth Military Variation.

Cal. 7.65x17 HR.

Sauer Mod.1930. Behorden model meaning authorities model. Made around 1933. The meaning of the Sch. marking is still unknow. But probably police.

Cal. 7.65x17SR.