Walther Mod.4. Variation 4. The Walter mod.4 was made from 1913 till 1929. It was produced in different variations. Cal 7.65x17SR.

Walther Mod.4. Magazine numbered to the gun. Indicating possible police use. Cal 7.65x17SR.

Walther Mod.4. Variation 3. Early Variation.

Cal 7.65x17SR.


Walther Mod.4. Variation 5. Late Variation. In total around 351000 pcs in the different variations where produced.  Cal 7.65x17SR.

Walther Mod.5. Second variation.

Cal. 6.35x15SR.

Walther Mod.8. First variation.

Made from 1920 to about 1926.. Around 84.000 made.

Cal. 6.35x15SR.

Walther Mod.8. Second variation.

Made from 1927 through 1933 or 1934. Only around 24.000 made.

Cal. 6.35x15SR.

Walther Mod.9. Second Variation.

Production estimated at near 250,000.

Caliber 6.35x15SR.

Walther P.38. Standard army pistol of Germany in wwII.

This one made by Walther in 1940.

Cal. 9x19.

Walther PpK. "PPK" is an abbreviation for Polizeipistole Kriminalmodell (detective police pistol). This one made in 1935. Cal. 7.65x17SR.

Walther PpK. Made in 1944.

Cal. 7.65x17SR.

Walther PP. PolizeiPistole.

From 1938. Production started in 1929. It was designed for police use and was used by police forces in Europe in the 1930s and later. This one from 1938.

Cal. 7.65x17SR.

Walther P.38. The code byf was used by the Mauser factory. This one made in 1944.

Cal. 9x19.

Walther P.38. Made by Spreewerk in Czechia under German supervision. Code cyq. This one made in September 1944.

Cal. 9x19.