Mauser Mod.1914 Weimar navy issue. Marine Station der Nordsee property mark. Approximately 500 accepted by Weimar navy. Cal. 7.65x17SR.

Mauser Mod.1914. 1920 Reichswehr marked and gripstrap unit marked. R.A.3.M.4.H.25 translates to Imperial Reserve Feld Artillery Regiment 3, Munitions Column 4, Howitzer, weapon #25.

Cal. 7.65x17SR.

Mauser W.T.P. (WestenTaschenPistole = VestPocketPistol). Produced from 1921 till 1938. About 50.000 pcs. have been produced.

Cal. 6.35x15SR.

Mauser Mod.1910 3th variation side latch.

Made from 1911 till 1913.

This one made in 1912.

Cal. 6.35x15SR.

Mauser Mod.1910/14. New model type 1.

This one from 1914.

Cal. 6.35x15SR.


Mauser Mod.1910/14. Standard model.

This one from 1929.

Cal. 6.35x15SR.


Mauser Mod.1910/34. Type 2.

Made in 1939.

Cal. 6.35x15SR.

Mauser C96 "Red nine"

These where produced to offset the slow production of the standard-issue Luger P08 pistol. Approximately 137,000 were delivered to the Imperial German Army before the war ended.

Cal. 9x19.