Cz 22. Alois Tomiška’s 6.35mm Model 1922 Pistol,

The First CZ.

This one sold in Germany and marked BOHMISCHE WAFFENFABRIK A.G. IN PRAG.

Proofed in 1933. Cal. 6.35x15SR.

Cz 36.Replacement for the vz 1922. This one sold in Germany by AKAH (AIbrecht Kind of Berlin-Nurnberg). Cal. 6.35x15SR.

Cz 38 - P.39 (t) The Cz 38 was developed for the Czech army. When the contract was fulfilled the Germans occupied the Czech Republic. The pistols went to the Wehrmacht without proofing. 45.000 made. Cal.9x17.

Made by Česká zbrojovka Strakonice, Used by Czech army. This one unit stamped.13th infantry regiment. Made in 1928 army accepted in 1929. Cal.9x17.